Is honey good for scalp psoriasis

is eating honey good for psoriasis

Can Honey Treat Psoriasis

There are multiple proven experiments and research studies that have shown the beneficial and positive results for psoriasis. Psoriasis is genetic disorder therefore it could neither prevent nor completely treated. Therefore topical herbal products are the best if they suit your skin and respond to herbal agents.

Everybody knows about honey and it is not difficult to shop honey. It is natural product that could be applied topically and taken orally as well. There is no side effect associated with topical and oral use of honey because it is natural and very safe herbal remedies.

How Honey Can Help Psoriasis

Honey is known for its medical properties since ancient time. It is considered as oldest and all-rounder medication. It has following properties:

  • Honey has anti-bacterial properties and it has shown good efficacy against food borne pathogens and some other bacteria. The antibacterial properties associated with honey are due to its high density, high osmolarity, low acidity and content of hydrogen peroxide. So the reason for its anti-bacterial properties is its thickness. It kills the bacteria due to lowest pH and presence of hydrogen per-oxide.
  • Honey has also wound healing properties due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Topical application of honey has more useful effects such as relieving dryness, patch removal, peeling away of skin and reduction in swelling.
  • It aids the re-growth of skin and soothes skin affected by psoriasis.
  • Antifungal properties of honey are good enough in protecting internal and external infections.

How Honey should be applied for Psoriasis

Honey can be administered orally and can also be applied topically as well. Raw honey is effective topical remedy for psoriasis and you can also mix honey with other ingredients to make it more medicinal and effective such as:

  • Honey can be mixed with bees wax and olive oil in equal quantities and applied topically at the affected places.
  • Honey can also be mixed with Vaseline in equal quantities that treat dry skin completely. This mixture is helpful in resolving the patches of skin that are formed due to psoriasis. It is also affective in peeling of skin, inflammation reduction and soothing of skin.
  • Manuka Honey has double anti-microbial power as compared to raw honey therefore it has increased efficacy against complicated psoriasis. It reduces the causes of infection at psoriasis places and promote quick healing.
  • The oral use of honey is an efficient way to get rid of oral psoriasis. It has tendency to reduce the inflammation of oral cavity, treat oral lesion, reduces the pain associated with it. It provides longer relapse period that may be pain free for most of the cases.

The anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties of honey are different for different natural honeys due to variation in sources of nectar of different temporal region. So if you want to treat psoriasis with only honey than you should use medical grade honey that has specific properties.

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