Is argan oil good for psoriasis

is moroccan argan oil good for psoriasis

Can you use Argan oil to treat psoriasis?

Argan Oil is very expensive oil rather the most expensive edible oil in the world. It is obtained from trees of Argania Spinosa that are native to North Africa. Argan oil has sufficient amount of fatty acids, vitamin E and sequalene that are known for skin benefits. Pure Argan Oil is considered as natural treatment for itchy, painful, red skin, silver patches and dry scales of psoriasis. There are multiple strong evidences that prove that the use of argan oil for psoriasis is very helpful because it is rich in nutrient. It heals and nourishes skin quickly thus cure it. Argan Oil has following benefits to psoriasis skin:

  • It moisturizes the skin and sooth it that is the first and best relief you can get by using argan oil.
  • It readily absorbed through skin therefore you it does not leave any greasy or oily layer on the places you have applied it.
  • It nourishes skin therefore your skin will not tight after recovery and it will shine to give a healthy look.
  • It does not block your skin pores therefore your skin will be relaxed and fresh.
  • It improves the skin hydration therefore psoriasis places don’t look aged.
  • It controls the relapse of psoriasis and relieves redness of the skin.
  • Argan oil is also termed as hypoallergenic moisturizer that is why your skin will become very calm, less dry and less irritated.
  • Vitamin E present in Argan Oil has powerful anti-oxidant properties therefore reduces the inflammation readily and makes skin patches less considerable

How to use argan oil for psoriasis

Argan oil has various medicinal properties therefore clinical data has shown its effectiveness against psoriasis. It is better to use its all products for better relief. It has following procedure for use:

  1. It is always advised to wash the psoriasis places where you want to apply argan oil. It is good if you use perfume and dye free soap for this purpose especially argan oil soap.
  2. Dry the affected skin with soft towel and don’t touch these areas with hands.
  3. Now apply few drops on psoriasis area two times a day.
  4. Gently massage it in round circles until the oil is completely absorbed in the skin.
  5. Leave it for whole night and repeat the same procedure until you feel that your psoriasis is completely cured.

If you have scalp psoriasis than you have to apply it as follows:

  • Apply few drops of argan oil or as needed on your scalp.
  • Massage gently in round circles
  • Now put either put on your shower cap or gently wrap your head with towel.
  • Leave for whole night than wash with mild shampoo in the morning and let your scalp to gently dry.

Argan Oil should be used on daily basis because it balances the skin moisture level thus preventing it to become worst after dryness.

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