Does prednisone treat psoriasis

prednisone dosage for psoriasis outbreak

Is prednisone used for psoriatic arthritis

Prednisone is not natural steroid rather it is synthetic steroid that is very effective immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory medication. It is corticosteroid that acts by preventing the release of certain substances in the body in response to inflammation therefore it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Prednisone is second most popular treatment option for psoriasis worldwide and mostly it is prescribed by dermatologists. Prednisone is commonly used various skin conditions orally. The intake of prednisone should be provided if you have fungal infection either on psoriasis plaques or anywhere else in the body because prednisone weaken immune system and infection can become complicated.

How prednisone works for psoriasis

The mechanism of action of prednisone involves the suppression and stabilization of immune systems therefore it is termed as immune-suppressant. Although this suppression is not good for you because it becomes hard to fight against infections in the presence of prednisone but it can treat psoriasis by acting through immune system. Prednisone has tendency to prevent the production of inflammation mediators therefore it reduces the inflammation and redness at the site of psoriasis. It can:

  • Reduce inflammation at the psoriatic places and facilitate healing.
  • It decreases swelling and redness at the site of psoriasis by inhibiting inflammation.
  • It prolonged the relapse period of psoriasis if you use it as directed and stop it as directed.
  • Prednisone decreases the itching and rubbing at the site of psoriasis.

How to take Prednisone

Prednisone is mostly taken orally and it should be taken exactly as prescribed by qualified physician. It prescribed dose is enough once a day and it should be continued until you have completely recovered your condition. It is better to take it either with full glass of water or full glass of milk because it can upset your stomach. The most effective intake strategy is its administration right after meal.

Steroids like prednisone are not safe to use because if they are used for longer duration they could cause osteoporosis when you have vitamin D deficiency, low activity, smoking and calcium deficiency along with psoriasis.

Prednisone is not safe in first trimester of pregnancy because it is risk factor for low birth weight defect so you should not use it during pregnancy especially during first trimester. It is also not safe for breastfeeding mother and child because it could pass to breast milk and can be harmful for nursing baby.

You must not start the prednisone treatment without consulting qualified medical practitioner. The use of prednisone should not be stopped abruptly because in this way, it will flare up the disease. So it is always advised to cut its dose down slowly and finally stop its intake.

If you feel any side effect such as shortness of breath, depression, pain in stomach, bloody stools and behavior’s problem than you should contact your doctor immediately. You must use it if you are allergic to prednisone and tell your doctor about it.

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