Can urine treat psoriasis

putting urine on psoriasis

Urine therapy for scalp psoriasis

Urine therapy or urea therapy is very ancient therapy that is also included in treatment options of psoriasis. It is fact that psoriasis is caused by auto-immune disorder but it has a huge variety of treatment options that are applied for different patients on daily basis. So it looks hard that how urine can help skin to cure from psoriasis.

Urine therapy for psoriasis is more common among some Hindu religions therefore there is few evidences that show how psoriasis has shown improvement with urine therapy. Urine is basically composed of all impurities that are not filtered to blood through kidneys. Maximum proportion of urine is water about 94 %, 3 % of urine has urea that is by product of protein decomposition and remaining 3 % is the mixture of different enzymes, hormones, minerals and salts.

There is no issue with the composition of urine but it is still not common therapy due to religious constraints. It also has no scientific evidence that could be in favor of it. It is foul smelling and hard to use internally and externally but it is surprising that is being used by few patients. Urine therapy is considered effective not only for psoriasis but for large number of other skin conditions.

Urine Therapy is helpful in curing symptoms of psoriasis because:

  1. It moisturizes the skin due to higher vitamin content.
  2. The presence of urea can facilitate rapid healing and prevents itching.
  3. It reduces inflammation and resolve the redness
  4. It boosts immunity and inhibits the over-proliferation of skin cells.

How urine therapy could be used for psoriasis

Psoriasis has multiple herbal and natural treatments that are used differently by different patients due to the difference in disease condition of each and every individual. Psoriasis is not affecting all patients in the same way therefore treatment options have different recovery rate for all patients. If one patient get complete relief from urine therapy then it is not necessary that other patients will also have same results. It can be administered by two ways:

  1. You can administer it orally at the dose of one cup either in the morning or in the evening. Repeat the process until you are completely recovered.
  2. It can be applied topically to the affected psoriasis areas. And continue this treatment until you fully recovered for all signs and symptoms.

If you feel any adverse effect or your skin becomes worsen with the use of urine therapy the quit it and immediately contact to the doctor. There will be no doctor that will prescribe this therapy for psoriasis.

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