Can reflexology treat psoriasis

reflexology points for psoriasis

Reflexology for skin problems

Reflexology is an ancient homeopathic practice of relieving pain through massage of hands and feet. There are some pressure points on hands and feet that are massaged by controlling the pressure to relieve discomfort. The whole body’s organs have points in hands and feet therefore specific massage at specific point can treat specific glands and organs as believed since ages.

It is believed that psoriasis could be treated with reflexology like all other skin conditions. It can relieve the pain and inflammation throughout the body.

Now reflexology is adopted by huge number of massage centers who claim for treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases through massage. It is believed that reflexology has tendency to stimulate and improve the functions of different organs of body so by massaging hands and affect specifically for psoriasis, you will feel a noticeable change in your skin affected by psoriasis.

How reflexology can work?

Reflexology can increase the blood flow to the specific organs for which it has been performed. It increases the oxygen circulation through blood to whole body that act as detoxification because waste material is removed and your skin will be in better position. Itchiness of the skin caused by psoriasis is controlled by stimulation of adrenal gland through massage of feet. You can get rid of all symptoms through improved blood circulation to the whole body. In order to follow reflexology you have to do following procedure:

  • You should wash your feet with good soap and tap towel to dry.
  • Now you should sit in relax position either on bed or on chair.
  • You have to hold your right foot in your hands.
  • Press firmly and correctly your right thumb’s point under your big toe.
  • It may cause pain but you should press it with pressure.
  • Massage this point for 5 minutes at least and you will feel the difference.

You have to continue this procedure until you are completely recovered. This special massage will reduce the inflammation and redness by calming the points related to skin.

There are no strong medical evidences for this reflexology so it should be achieved through practitioners who exactly know what to do. Reflexology is not safe if your feet or hands have any fracture or abnormality so you should take care of such things before going for it.

Psoriasis is auto-immune disease that affects skin cells and symptomatic presentation different from person to person therefore its treatment patterns may also be different. So a personalized reflexology treatment would work better.

Reflexology follows the Traditional Chinese Medicine fundamentals where treatment patterns does not focus only affected areas and same treatment approach like medicines of Western region. According to reflexology and Chinese Medicine approach psoriasis is resulted from imbalance of channels of liver and kidneys therefore massaging of these points have a strong relation with psoriasis presented on different parts of body. Like other western medications reflexology cannot cure medicine rather provides a symptomatic relief to the psoriasis patients.

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