Can metronidazole treat psoriasis

Metronidazole and Psoriasis

Can metronidazole be used for psoriasis

Metronidazole is basically an antibiotic that belongs to a class of antibiotics called nitroimidazole. Metronidazole has an ability to stop the growth of bacteria and other protozoa but it does not treat viral infections.

Psoriasis is not an infection rather it is a skin disorder that is resulted from impaired immunity. Therefore it is transferred through genes from parents to children. In most of the cases it becomes evident due to certain factors such as environmental changes and infection. If your psoriasis is aggravated due to the secondary bacterial infections, than, the use of metronidazole antibiotic is very effective option. But if your psoriasis is not associated with any bacterial or protozoa infection than the use of metrinidazole is useless.

How Metronidazole works

Metronidazole is available in different dosage form under different brand names but it has same mechanism of action. Metronidazole can treat bacterial infections by destroying the DNA of bacteria. It is most effective against anaerobic bacteria that are known for skin infections at the sites of psoriasis. It has following properties:

  • It reduces the inflammation by controlling the growth of bacteria at psoriasis places.
  • It clears up sots and scales of infection of psoriasis.
  • It reduces the swelling and redness of skin resulted from infection.

How to use Metronidazole

Metronidazole is available in most of the common dosage forms such as topical creams, tablets or capsules and injectables. It depends on the condition of your skin that which dosage form suits you.

For mild to moderate psoriasis topical metronidazole creams such as metrogel are used. You should first clean the skin that is affected by psoriasis. Now apply the metronidazole cream on affected area gently. It should be applied as thin layer and should be applied twice a day. Its topical use must be continued until the complete recovery is resulted.

Similarly, when your psoriasis is mild to severe, than it is good to take oral metronidazole. It is always advised to take metronidazole with glass of milk or after meal because it could damage stomach. The dose and duration of metronidazole depends on the condition of infection therefore it must be used as directed. Whenever psoriasis becomes worse you should consult your doctor immediately and follow his/her treatment therapy. Doctor can examine your skin condition and prescribe suitable medications accordingly.

If you have severe type of psoriasis than it is hard to treat it with topical products so it is better to use injections of metronidazole. Again the dose of injection and its frequency depends on the type of your infection. Metronidazole injections should not be used without doctor’s advice because metronidazole is strong antibiotic and it has wide range of side effects if it is not used in the right way.

Before using metronidazole you must confirm that whether you have bacterial infection or not because metronidazole is only effective for bacterial infection.

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