Can IPL treat psoriasis

can psoriasis be cured completely

I have psoriasis. Will laser treatments help my condition?

IPL stand for intense Pulse Light that is laser treatment for number of skin conditions such as wrinkles and psoriasis. It is non-invasive and non-ablative method that utilizes energy in whole process to carry to treat skin cells. IPL therapy can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis up to maximum extent. It can reduce redness, itchiness, dryness, blister formation, patches formation, inflammation of skin, and skin irritation effectively.

IPL therapy is not a new therapy rather it has been used since 25 years to treat pigmentation, facial hairs, wrinkles and brown spots. It basically targets chromophores and internal skin structure to act skin normally.

How IPL is performed

IPL therapy uses only laser light or laser beam for treatment. It can only be performed by qualified practitioners such as surgeons and dermatologists. An intense light is reached to skin in pulses through laser and it is converted into heat when reached at the skin. It is directed directly on the psoriasis patches and you will feel little warmth at that place.

This beam of yellow light when converted into heat, it destroys those blood vessels which are contributing to psoriasis. Blood supply to psoriasis areas is disconnected therefore psoriasis stop to progress.

The dose and duration of light depends on the condition of your skin and severity of psoriasis. If your skin has lighter color than low dose of laser light is used and if your color is darker and psoriasis plaques are also thick than higher dose of laser light is required to pulse at psoriasis site. Don’t forget to wear dark goggles to protect eyes from laser light.

IPL therapy sessions are repeated after 2-3 weeks until your psoriasis is cleared however there are little chances of relapse as well because it is not a complete treatment for genetic or immunity disorder.

Effectiveness of IPL against Psoriasis

IPL therapy is higher cost as compared to other remedies that are used to treat psoriasis. Therefore it is only received by selected population. IPL therapy is difficult to perform if your whole body is covered with psoriasis plaques because it is not feasible to apply laser light to whole body. It increases the cost beyond expectation and it becomes very hectic.

IPL is not suitable for all skin types therefore before going for this treatment you must consult your doctor and talk about the treatment. Results of IPL therapy can be evident after 7-10 sessions so if you don’t feel good after one session, you don’t worry, it will be fine in the next session.

The IPL Therapy effectiveness is also different for different patients because it depends on the type of your skin and severity of psoriasis. It can cure mild to moderate psoriasis with more efficacy and relapse can take 1-2 years to occur.

So IPL therapy can treat psoriasis if you have not sensitive skin. If is not cost-effective but it is best treatment of psoriasis uptil now especially if you have plaque psoriasis.

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