Can I breastfeed with psoriasis

can breastfeeding cause psoriasis

Will breastfeeding make psoriasis worse

Psoriasis affects 2-3 % population with equal prevalence among men and women. So it becomes very difficult to handle psoriasis for mothers who have psoriasis during different stage of pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The most effected post-pregnancy stage is breast feeding.

Psoriasis appears with red flakes and scales that are inflamed and swollen therefore if psoriasis affects breast region than it is very hard to breastfeed. The presence of flakes at breastfeeding region makes very painful and uncomfortable breastfeeding.

Skin at the breast region is extra-sensitive and its sensitivity may increase in the presence psoriasis and may result in:

  • Burning of breast area
  • Soreness
  • Itching and pain at psoriasis area
  • Thickened and flaky skin
  • Cracking and bleeding of the skin.

Psoriasis can cover your whole body or it may only cover breast region so if you are mother and you want to feed your child but psoriasis has covered breast and nipple region than you should take certain preventive measures before breastfeeding:

  • If you have relapse from psoriasis during breastfeeding than it is well and good so you should continue breastfeeding at least for six months.
  • If psoriasis flares have affected your feeding region and it is cracked then you should either use feeding machine or give a little break to feeding. When it is recovered then again start breastfeeding.
  • The use of topical products is also common but make sure that you have washed nipples properly before breastfeeding so that your topical medication does not affect your child.
  • Oral medication should also be used with doctor’s prescription so that these are safe for infants.
  • You should use lose clothes and avoid tight outfits because tight outfits may rub against psoriasis areas around breast and enhance breast sensitivity, discomfort and pain during breastfeeding.
  • If your psoriasis is oozing blood or pus then line up your under-garments with disposable pads. In this ways fluid is absorbed in the pad and it prevents secondary infections and irritation of oozing liquid.
  • Soothe on and off inflamed skin of your breast with soothing lotions, creams and gel pads so psoriasis becomes slow.
  • It is also believed that natural breast milk is natural moisturizer and healer it can also be tried.
  • Try breast pumping with a breastfeeding pump until you got recovered and become able to breast feed again.

Breastfeeding is not prohibited with psoriasis but you have to take certain measures before breastfeeding if you are suffering from psoriasis. Most of the medications and topical products are safe with breastfeeding.

There are certain evidences that also prove that few women got a relapse from psoriasis during pregnancy and breastfeeding but it is not true for all cases. So when you are on strong medications, you should avoid breastfeeding as advised by the doctors.

Breast milk could not transmit this disease to infants however genes could transmit the disease from mother to infants. But breast milk and colostrums can strength the immune system of babies and this can delay the psoriasis related symptoms to the babies.

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