Can hydrogen peroxide cure psoriasis

hydrogen peroxide bath psoriasis

Can you put peroxide on psoriasis

Hydrogen per oxide resembles water because it has only one extra oxygen than water. The extra oxygen of hydrogen peroxide is utilized in the killing of microbes thus it is considered effective for psoriasis.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is very concentrated as 35 % solution so it should not be used for treatment of psoriasis. The safe concentration for psoriasis is 3 % solution of hydrogen peroxide. So if you purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide then dilute it in water to make 3 % solution.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used for psoriasis. Although complete treatment of psoriasis is not possible with hydrogen peroxide because it is transferred through genes but it is enough to relieve symptoms at least. Hydrogen peroxide is equally effective for acute and chronic cases of psoriasis because hydrogen peroxide is strong oxidizer. It causes the sterilization at the psoriasis places where it is applied effectively with profound therapeutic effects.

Hydrogen peroxide is natural compound that is very powerful oxidant and unstable compound. It readily release oxygen atom in water and this single oxygen has strong oxidizing and disinfecting properties therefore it could cure psoriasis by disinfecting the places where psoriasis is present.

How to take Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has anti-microbial properties and it is produced by human T-cells as an immune response to fungi, bacteria and viruses attack. Due to this property its external use is common among psoriasis patients. You can use hydrogen peroxide by different ways such as:

  • Hydrogen peroxide bathing is very effective and easy remedy that has been used for treatment of psoriasis since long time. For this bathing you have to add two quarts of 3-3.5 % sodium peroxide solution in warm water of bathing tub. Soak yourself for half an hour in the bathing tub and rinse. Avoid it at bedtime because when oxygen is absorbed in the body it prevents sleeping.
  • If psoriasis has affected your face as well than soak a cotton ball in 3 % sodium peroxide solution and apply it on your face as you use toner or facial freshener. Avoid contact with eyes and eyebrows.
  • Hydrogen peroxide at lower concentration is helpful in healing wounds resulted from psoriasis. Therefore it is applied specifically to wound places for rapid healing.
  • There is a safety issue with oral intake of hydrogen peroxide but food grade and diluted hydrogen peroxide is used for psoriasis orally. Oral concentration should be closely monitored by medical professionals.
  • In some severe cases hydrogen peroxide is use as injection. An I/M injection has rapid absorption as compared to the oral intake but it is only used in severe cases.

Hydrogen peroxide is very toxic when use at higher concentrations because it can even burn the skin and discolor your hairs. So its concentration must be monitored constantly and you should always consult a doctor or pharmacist before starting it. It can only relieve the symptoms but you must use it until its symptoms are completely resolved.

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