Can Head & Shoulder treat psoriasis

does head and shoulders cure psoriasis

Does head and shoulders work for scalp psoriasis?

Head & shoulder shampoo is a treatment option for only scalp psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis resembles dandruff like flaking, dry scalp and itching but soreness, red patches, burning, and hair loss are prominent symptoms for scalp psoriasis. There are large numbers of medicated shampoos that are used to treat psoriasis. Head & shoulder is not a medicated soap but it is the most purchased shampoo for scalp issues and dandruff.

Head & Shoulder Company has manufacture 3 main types of shampoos for scalp issues which are:

  1. Clinical Strength Shampoo: head & shoulder clinical strength shampoo is effective in reducing scaling, flaking, redness, itching, dandruff and even seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore it can effectively reduce the symptoms for psoriasis.
  2. Head and Shoulder Clinical Solution Itch Relief Shampoo: it is helpful in reducing the scalp related itchiness, dryness, dandruff, and redness therefore psoriasis related itchy and flaky scalp is moisturized. It is specially designed to treat scalp medical issues.
  3. Head and Shoulder Moisture Care Scalp shampoo: This shampoo is specially designed to hydrate the dry and itchy scalp to soothe it and provide relief from itching. It contains vitamin E and peppermint oil that protects scalp for longer duration.

As it has been mentioned previously shampoos, antibiotics and herbal remedies are not the effective treatment for psoriasis rather such remedies could provide temporary relief from symptoms of psoriasis. Head & shoulder is very famous brand of dandruff relief shampoos and being widely used worldwide. It is equally famous among men and women.

It has following ingredients that are responsible for its working:

  1. Water makes shampoo workable in the way, it is removed from the scalp and left scalp clean and clear.
  2. Pyrithione Zinc is the basic ingredient in this shampoo that prevents the growth of dandruff causing microbes and relieves irritation and flakes formation.
  3. Zinc carbonate is another special ingredient that fights against dandruff and flakes to sooth and moisturize the skin.
  4. Sodium lauryl sulfate and cetyl alcohol have cleansing properties to provide mildness.

When we overlook the all medical properties and ingredients of Head & Shoulder Shampoo, it is evident that it could provide strong symptomatic relief from psoriasis symptoms but it is neither a treatment nor a complete therapy to work for ever.

If you continuously use it on daily basis you will get rid of symptoms only but when you again quit its use, all symptoms will come back and will appear with all sign and symptoms. So head & shoulder shampoo is good option to relieve the symptoms of scalp psoriasis with regular use.

When you are suffering from psoriasis you must take extra care before starting any medication or product because scalp is very sensitive and when it has psoriasis then it becomes more sensitive to external products. So before applying head & shoulder shampoo on your skin you must try it on small portion to know whether it is allergic to your scalp or not. In case of any unwanted reaction you must stop its use immediately and consult a qualified physician to get treated.

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