Can eating chicken cause psoriasis

Does eating chicken or any meat trigger psoriasis?

Chicken is one of the most widely-eaten meat product in the whole world, and is considered one of the healthier options of meat as compared to red meat and pork. Chicken is very versatile in cooking, but the healthiest ways to cook chicken are simply steaming, boiling, and broiling it, while avoiding the use of too much oil and salt. However, many people have allergies to chicken and eggs. The proteins in chicken meat may alert the cells of the immune system which will then produce IgE antibodies, so that during subsequent exposures to chicken, the IgE antibodies will react with the antigens found on the proteins and trigger an immune response. A chicken allergy usually appears as rashes, hives, difficulty of breathing, anaphylaxis, and inflammation, with accompanying nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

There is no known, direct correlation between psoriasis and chicken meat, however it is best to avoid chicken meat and other poultry products if the person has a known allergy to it. The allergic reaction caused by chicken consumption may trigger a flare up and worsen the symptoms of psoriasis. For people with psoriasis but no known chicken allergy, it is okay to continue eating chicken, especially as part of a healthy diet in order to manage weight since obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are risk factors of someone with psoriasis already.

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