Can deodorant cause psoriasis

Can I use deodorant if I have psoriasis?

Sweating is a natural and necessary response of the body to maintain homeostasis. However, people use deodorants to maintain good personal hygiene. The active ingredients in most brands and forms of deodorants include alcohol, sodium stearate, sodium chloride, and fragrances. Most of these ingredients work to eliminate odors by killing the bacteria on the skin which live and grow in the moist, warm environment of places like the underarm. Other deodorants contain ingredients that prevent sweating, and are called antiperspirants. Generally, deodorant is safe on skin, however people with sensitive skin may develop allergic reactions to the ingredients contained in the formulation. For people with psoriasis, excessive sweating and friction can cause rashes to appear in the underarms and other places of the body, known as inverse psoriasis. Using deodorant may further aggravate the condition of the skin, especially due to alcohol-containing ingredients and fragrances. Antiperspirants may help relieve excessive sweating, but may also worsen psoriasis due to the blockage of the sweat glands which can cause build-up beneath the skin. People with psoriasis should be cautious before using any deodorant. They should check the label for any ingredients that they may be allergic to, and avoid all products that contain allergens and antiperspirants. If an outbreak is inflamed and painful on the underarm, no products should be applied aside from any topical medications.

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