Can cortisone treat psoriasis

can hydrocortisone treat psoriasis

Does cortisone treat psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis does not involve a single agent that could reduce all type of symptoms and provide complete cure. It requires multiple topical and oral interventions to have best results. The treatment of psoriasis depends on some factors that vary among different patients such as:

  • How severe psoriasis attack is?
  • Which type of psoriasis is affecting you?
  • Which part of body is the most affected?
  • How much of the body has psoriasis attacks?
  • How frequent psoriasis attacks are?
  • How your skin respond to different treatments?

Cortisones are also frequently used to treat psoriasis because they exhibit strong anti-inflammatory properties and they also have tendency to slow the growth of skin cells so that they don’t accumulate at the surface of skin and form plaques.

Cortisones are available in two types of formulations such as:

  1. Weaker or lower strength cortisones that are more suitable for sensitive skin such as groin, armpit, face and neck.
  2. Stronger or higher strength cortisones that used to treat the areas that are tough to handle and show low response to treatment alternatives.

Cortisones are not as safe as herbal products therefore they must be use in accordance with physician prescription. The dose of cortisones should be critically monitored because they are associated with certain side effects such as skin color changes, bruise formation, blood vessels visibility is enhanced and skin becomes thinner. Mostly cortisones are used in combination with other agents to get optimum results.

How cortisones should be used in treatment of Psoriasis?

Cortisones should used according to doctor’s advice because he/she can exactly understand your condition and advice you accordingly.

  • A small amount of cortisones should be applied on affected skin only because it is dangerous to normal skin.
  • It should not be used for longer duration such as more than three weeks because its prolonged used is also associated with side effects.
  • The use of cortisone should not be stopped suddenly rather cortisone use should be decreased slowly to end its use completely. If you will stop it abruptly it will flare up the disease.
  • Do not apply steroids near eye regions until unless it is specially prescribes to treat psoriasis near eye region and specially designed for sensitive skin of eye.
  • Higher strength steroids are very effective and can clear psoriasis immediately but there is increased risk for side effects.

Cortisone could be used orally, topically and injections. Topical cortisones such as lotions, creams, ointments and sprays are most commonly used for skin conditions including psoriasis. These are safest among all routes of administration with lowest side effect profile. Tablets and capsules of cortisones are only used when psoriasis is not controlled through topical treatment. Injections are mostly used to treat psoriasis arthritis but can also be used for severe cases of psoriasis where topical and oral treatments are failed totally.

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