Can canesten treat psoriasis

clotrimazole psoriasis

Clotrimazole for scalp psoriasis

Canesten contains clotrimazole as an active ingredient that is used to treat fungal infection. Psoriasis is not caused by fungus but it is auto-immune disease so it seems that anti-fungal infection could not treat it well. But canesten could be helpful in preventing the secondary fungal infection at the site of psoriasis.

Canesten is not effective for all patients but it has positive outcomes for most of the patients who have psoriasis in small regions on the skin such as hands, feet and scalp. Canesten cream is also available as canesten HC that is very effective against psoriasis especially. Canesten HC contains hydrocortisone and clotrimazole. Hydrocortisone containing topical products has been used since many years for psoriasis.

Researchers and scientists are investigating multiple herbal and medical products to find out better treatment opportunities that could truly treat it but they are failing. On the way of new treatment development, they have found few remedies to cure psoriasis and the use of canesten is one of them.

There are various evidences which have mixed opinion about the use of canesten cream to treat psoriasis. There is limited population who has found it useful for their condition with psoriasis. Most of the people only know it as anti-fungal agent that is used to treat eczema, candiasis and other fungal and yeast infections.

Clotrimazole is mostly present as 1% in Canesten cream but it could kill yeast and fungi at this concentration. Its mechanism of action involves the inhibition of production of very essential component of bacterial cell wall called as ergosterol. Lower ergosterol production can produce holes in cell membrane of yeast and fungi. Now the ruptured cell wall of fungi and yeast cannot maintain the integrity of these microbes causing cell death immediately.

In most of the cases psoriasis is aggravated by fungal infections, bacterial infections, environmental factors and genetic factors. So when psoriasis is becoming complicated due to fungi and yeast infections than canesten could be an efficacious option for treatment of psoriasis.

Therefore before you apply canesten for psoriasis you should make sure that whether or not your skin has fungal infection. If your psoriasis is not complicated with fungal or yeast infection then it is useless to apply canesten cream on it so you must go for other treatment options. The best way to treat psoriasis is consultation with a qualified doctor or physician.

Doctor could assess your skin infection precisely and can prescribe you better and effective medication for psoriasis. Human skin becomes extra-ordinary sensitive after psoriasis disease so it is not good to apply whatever you see and whatever looks effective for psoriasis. In case of any unwanted and undesirable effects you must stop the product immediately and consult your physician immediately because it is internal disorder and more often it is cured with internal medications.

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