Can bleaching your hair cause psoriasis

Is it dangerous to color or bleach your hair if you have scalp psoriasis?

Unlike chlorine bleach that is used for cleaning and disinfection, hair bleach is actually composed of the chemical peroxide. Hair bleach is used to lighten dark hair, and works by opening the cuticle of the hair, allowing natural pigments in the hair to be removed. Once hair dye is applied, the colored pigments of the dye can penetrate the cuticle of the hair and deposit into the hair shaft, resulting in a new hair color. Although relatively safe, hair bleach can be harmful to the skin because of the chemical reaction that occurs with proteins found in the hair and skin. Prolonged exposure of bleach to the skin should be avoided, and application on hair should be limited. Prolonged exposure to bleach on the skin can result in depigmentation and chemical burns.

For people with psoriasis, it is not recommended to bleach or dye hair using products with strong chemicals. It is possible to color the hair, but great care should be taken to avoid exposing the skin to the chemicals. Skin with psoriasis is already inflamed and sensitive, so further damage due to chemical bleach will only make the condition worse. If a person with psoriasis still wants to proceed with bleaching and dyeing their hair, it would be best to have a professional hairstylist apply the bleach and color, and to mention that they should avoid contact of the chemicals with the skin.

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