Can bio oil treat psoriasis

Can You Use Bio Oil On Psoriasis

Is bio oil good for scalp psoriasis?

Bio oil is biological oil that is very famous for its biological activities against large number of skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It contains different plant extracts that are suspended in oil base along with few essential vitamins that are necessary for skin.

It has best ingredients that soothe and moisturize skin affected by psoriasis such as:

  • Calendula Oil has cell regeneration properties that act as natural soother and cooling agent. It is also natural anti-septic agent that could fight against microbes on psoriasis areas.
  • Chamomile Oil is very effective for sensitive skin especially due to its anti-inflammatory and calming properties for affected skin.
  • Rosemary Oil has although mild antiseptic property but it is best soother and conditioner for all type of skin.
  • Lavender Oil is known as best natural conditioner because it moisturizes skin deeply and provides relief from burning and itching.
  • PurCellin Oil is the key ingredient in this oil that has multiple properties such as emollient, soothing, and readily absorbable. PurCellin Oil reduces the thickness of oil and makes it easily absorbable providing very calming effect on skin surface. It leaves skin smooth and soft after its application.
  • Vitamin A is helpful in promoting the new collagen formation and helpful in renewal of skin by improving elasticity, tone and texture of skin.
  • Vitamin E provides natural health to skin thus protecting from free radicals that cause excessive damage to skin cells and prevents premature ageing of skin cells. Vitamin E is also helpful in enhancing the moisture content of epidermis and make skin soft, smooth and supplemented.

The condition of patients having psoriasis becomes worse when he/she has dehydrated skin. Dehydration of skin is more susceptible to cracking, breaking, scaling, itching and tightening of skin. Therefore Bio oil can be used to treat psoriasis because it moisturizes the skin and sooth it’s itching and disturbing of skin. It balances the skin that was disturbed due to psoriasis and makes it healthy due to presence of Vitamin E.

Bio Oil is well known for its use against treatment of psoriasis but it is not a complete cures for psoriasis likewise other remedies of psoriasis. The main reason is that, complete treatment of psoriasis is not possible because it is immunity disorder that is acquired through parent’s genetic makeup.

The use of bio-oil is more popular for scalp psoriasis where it is applied on the scalp with mild rubbing and massaging and washed after one hour. You must make sure that your scalp skin is not irritant to any ingredient of Bio Oil to avoid unwanted effect. Bio Oil has natural ingredients as majority therefore it is considered very safe to use but you should also take care about allergies and adverse effects. In any case of mishap or bad results, you must stop its use and contact immediately your care provider.

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