Can Acyclovir treat psoriasis

Can Acyclovir cause Psoriasis

Can acyclovir be taken to treat psoriasis

Acyclovir is anti-viral agent therefore it is being used to treat certain type of viral infections such as chickenpox, shingles, cold sores and genital herpes while there are very limited evidences about its treatment against psoriasis.

Psoriasis is caused by some sort of disorder in immune system that was either expressed by certain genes or other factors. Therefore use of antiviral medication such as acyclovir does not seem reliable in this concern but there are few evidences that have supported:

  • Use of acyclovir as an ingredient for oral medication.
  • Use of acyclovir in certain creams that are applied topically on the skin to treat psoriasis.

The use of acyclovir in treatment options of psoriasis is due to its:

  • It reduces the number of outbreaks caused by psoriasis.
  • It is also helpful in reducing the length of each outbreak.
  • Acyclovir is also used in decreasing the severity of psoriasis outbreaks.
  • It is helpful in healing the psoriasis sore and wounds quickly.
  • It is also good in preventing the wound or sore formation after other outbreaks.
  • It can decrease the pain and itching resulted from psoriasis outbreaks.
  • Acyclovir can prevent the secondary viral infections.
  • Acyclovir fights against weak immune system and reduces the chances of complication of psoriasis.

It can be used orally as prescribed by qualified physician according to your medical condition and it is also available as an acyclovir cream with minimal chances of toxicity.

Although acyclovir seems effective against psoriasis patients but it is not equally good against all patients. Research data has shown that some patients have positive outcomes after using acyclovir for psoriasis while other have shown negative outcomes while other have shown negative outcomes due to difference in psoriasis disease condition in different patients. Therefore, for psoriasis, mostly personalized treatment options should be selected.

Acyclovir is not a treatment choice for all patients but it could affect positively to all patients therefore it can be considered treatment choice for psoriasis patients depending on their medical condition.

Acyclovir cream has better lookout against psoriasis as compared to its oral intake so if you don’t find acyclovir cream than go for other alternative treatments as compared to oral acyclovir. When psoriasis on different parts of body becomes highly worse than there could be viruses, bacteria and fungi that are triggering the infection therefore in such cases antibiotics and antiviral agents have key role in reducing the symptoms of disease and providing an active relief against complicated skin condition.

Whatever the condition of psoriasis is, you must not take any medication yourself and also doesn’t use any product topically because skin is very sensitive part of body and in psoriasis it becomes more sensitive therefore unproven remedies could harm your skin badly.

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