Can a beauty therapist treat psoriasis

dead sea psoriasis treatment

Simple skin issues are resolved by majority of beauty therapists. Psoriasis is not very common skin condition but it could be treated by beauty therapists to some extent depending on the condition of the patient. Beauty therapists are not authorized to prescribe internal medications to their clients.

Psoriasis is not a completely treatable disease because it is auto-immune disorder but certain internal and topical medications and herbal remedies are used to reduce the intensity of disease and decrease the symptoms of disease. Beauty therapists can use certain skin products to moisturize, soothe, clear and treat psoriasis.

Beauty therapists are currently using laser therapy to treat it. Laser treatment is performed in different sessions and two types of laser processes are helpful in treating psoriasis.

  • Pulsed dye laser utilizes the heat produced by yellow light beam of laser. This heat could destroy the blood vessels and skin that is responsible for psoriasis.
  • For mild to moderate type of psoriasis, excimer laser is used. It has high intensity of ultra-violet B rays that specifically kill the cells that contribute to psoriasis.

Is dead sea salt good for psoriasis?

Multiple research studies has suggested that sea salt bathing is true cure for psoriasis but it is not possible for all psoriasis patients to  have dead sea bathing due to travelling cost, location availability and money constraints. For those patients who can easily approach Dead Sea, should never miss the chance of bathing in it.

Dead Sea has ten times more salt content as compared to oceans and researchers have found that this salt content is very effective for psoriasis treatment because:

  • Mineral content of Dead Sea is very unique and curative. The haze that is evaporated from Dead Sea contains a specific concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium therefore it breaks out plaques of the skin. Now sun light can easily penetrate to the skin and inflammation is reduced.
  • The light reaching at Dead Sea is also very specific and unique because Dead Sea is very deep as compared to sea therefore peak effective ultraviolet rays reached the skin and treat it.
  • Dead Sea bathing has positive psychological impact on psoriasis patients. Patients feel relaxed at unique environment of minerals and sunlight and forget about disease. The combination of light and water is ideal in this context.

There are multiple available products containing Dead Sea salts. Such products are beneficial for the patients who could not reach Dead Sea. Such products must be tested for irritation and allergy first than they should be applied on the skin. They should also be used with consultation with qualified doctor to avoid side effects.

It is not necessary that Dead Sea bath suits to all but you must try it if it is reachable for you. You can also take suggestion from your beauty therapist about its safety and effectiveness for you.

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